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The Story Of UK's Favourite Shop For Funny, Creative and High-Quality Gifts

Welcome to Fragranced Humour, the UK's leading brand for novelty gifts! We specialise in bringing a touch of humour and creativity to your everyday life with our unique range of funny candles and soaps. Whether you're searching for the perfect fun gift for a friend or looking to add something different and interesting to your own collection, we have just what you need.

Our products are designed to make you smile, laugh, and enjoy the little moments. But we don't just stop at being funny—we are committed to quality and sustainability. Each candle and soap is crafted using the highest quality, natural, and vegan ingredients. This ensures that you can enjoy our products with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are good for you and the planet.

At Fragranced Humour, we believe that gifting should be a fun and memorable experience. That's why we pour our creativity and passion into every product, making sure that each one brings joy and laughter to whoever receives it.